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    Mr Dean Smith


    Our Maze - Synergetic Go live migration is on 14/12/20 and we would like to check the data and the SYNC for this before we convert our LIVE SEQTA server to point from MAZE to the New Synergetic Database. We have a bit of a timing issue in that the school reports are being released during this week and we cannot switch over LIVE SEQTA during this time.


    Can I propose a scenario to allow us to test the data quality and SYNC against our LIVE SYnergetic and test SEQTA servers and then have the results replicated back to our live SEQTA after the results have been released.


    On the day we send the MAZE database to SYnergetic for conversion we stop the SYNC between live maze and SEQTA

    we then take a copy of the data from LIVE SEQTA and apply it TEST SEQTA

    once the live synergetic server is available we reconfigure TEST SEQTA to SYNC against LIVE SYNERGETIC

    we then test the data and confirm the SYNC is working as we expect 

    We can then compare the values in LIVE SEQTA and TEST SEQTA

    We correct any SYNC fields that need correcting.

    At a later date we arrange for Live SEQTA to be backed up and reconfigured  to point at LIVE SYnergetic and the SYNC settings for TEST SEQTA replicated onto LIVE SEQTA


    Can you let me know if this is a workable process, and if not, what process other ASC schools have been using in the MAZE / SYNERGETIC migration

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