Absences by Schoolyear report - Report logic and identifying discrepancies




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    Christian Hudson

    Probably the best report to find that information is the 'Statistics (student full)' report, assuming you will be looking at a week or two at a time. The steps to run this are as follows:

    1. Go to the Admin workspace
    2. Click on Manage attendance solutions and print reports
    3. Go to the Reports tab
    4. Select the Statistics (student full) report
    5. Choose a date range
    6. Add students one at a time using the drop-down or in bulk using the ellipsis button (...)
    7. Click PRINT

    This report does have a lot of information in it, but the main column you'll be interested in is column U - Percent present. Other columns of interest might be P and Q - Full days present and Full days absent.

    Hopefully that covers what you need, but if you would like further assistance with this, I'd suggest submitting a helpdesk ticket so that we can personalise the advice.

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    Mrs Sallyanne Bushe-Jones

    I wish to obtain a percentage daily attendance figure for each student in my roll group in order to identify poor attendance. Can you please outline the process?

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